The Faculty Senate Council and the Chancellor have established the Arthur Holly Compton Faculty Achievement Award and the Carl and Gerty Cori Faculty Achievement Award.

The Compton Award is given to a distinguished member of the faculty from one of the six Danforth Campus Schools and the Cori Award to a faculty member from the School of Medicine.

Recipients of the Faculty Achievement Awards are selected according to the following criteria
  • Outstanding achievement in research and scholarship;
  • Recognized prominence within the community of scholars;
  • Service and dedication for the betterment of Washington University;
  • Respected accomplishments in teaching.

The awardees are announced in the spring of each year.  In the fall, both recipients are asked to give an address summarizing his/her outstanding scholarly work. At the time of these presentations, the awardees each receive a $5,000 honorarium.

Arthur Holly Compton Awardees

2022Adia Harvey Wingfield
2021Jean Allman
2020Adrienne D. Davis
2019Fiona B. Marshall
2018Sarah C. R. Elgin
2017Leila N. Sadat
2016Deanna M. Barch
2015Paul Michael Lützeler
2014David A. Balota
2013James V. Wertsch
2012Nancy L. Morrow-Howell
2011Erik Trinkaus
2010Gary J. Miller
2009Enola K. Proctor
2008Henry L. Roediger, III
2007Carl M. Bender
2006Michael W. Sherraden
2005Stephen H. Legomsky
2004Jonathan S. Turner
2003Lee Epstein
2002Barbara A. Schaal
2001Raymond E. Arvidson
2000Patty Jo Watson
1999Gerald L. Early

Carl and Gerty Cori Awardees

2022John P. Atkinson
2021Lila Solnica-Krezel
2020Joan L. Luby
2019Gary D. Stormo
2018Samuel I. Achilefu
2017David C. Van Essen
2016Timothy J. Ley
2015David M. Holtzman
2014Steven L. Teitelbaum
2013Richard H. Gelberman
2012Robert P. Mecham
2011Wayne M. Yokoyama
2010John C. Morris
2009Jeffrey I. Gordon
2008Robert D. Schreiber
2007Helen Piwnica-Worms
2006Emil R. Unanue
2005Alison Goate
2004Philip D. Stahl
2003Eugene M. Johnson, Jr.
2002Stuart A. Kornfeld
2001Robert H. Waterston
2000Carl Frieden
1999Marcus E. Raichle